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January 27, 2017

3 DIY Ways to Give Shoes a Pattern Makeover


I’ve always loved shoes! So much so, I somehow identify a little bit with the obsessive Kelly character from the viral “Shoes” You Tube video. What can I say, they are so much fun! Getting too crazy with the rest of your outfit can sometimes be too much, but getting extra bright and bold with your footwear can add a pop of pizzazz that is noticeable, but still work-appropriate. That’s what makes designing patterns and embellishments for shoes extra fun: you can do pretty much anything you want.

After a long, dreary winter, some of my shoes can look a little worse for wear- the perfect excuse to do a little shopping! But while I love shopping for shoes, I have to admit, I already have a lot of them. “No need to be buying new ones,” I thought. But maybe I could use my design skills to give what’s already in my closet a little update. I did a little googling, and found a ton of resources on do-it-yourself shoe makeovers. Jackpot!  So here are a few of my favorite projects:

Glitter Sneakers

I love the look of white Keds, but they get dirty so easily. Rachel from The Crafted Life has come up with a genius way to hide the stains using none other than glitter. All you need is some glitter and decoupage glue. Spread a layer of glue onto your sneaker, and dust some glitter on top. Let dry, completely, and add another layer. Ta-da! Your shoes are now, beautiful, sparkly, and just like new! Get the full instructions here:

Lace Heels

If you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated, give this project from Mom Spark a try! All you need are a pair of nude colored pumps, some black lace (although you could mix and match either of these colors), and some Mod Podge. First, cut your lace to size, then coat the heels in glue. Firmly press on your lace, and let dry. Finally trim the excess and you’ve got a pair of beautiful, lace-embellished high heels. The author of this tutorial added some extra oomph to her shoes by adding bows, and a glittery heel using the method from the first project! Check out her results here:

Iron-On Patterned Shoes

In this tutorial by DIY Candy, a floral design is used, but this is a project where you can use any kind of pattern- including one you designed yourself! You will need blank canvas sneakers, iron transfer paper, and of course, a pattern. Try using one you’ve made in Genue! First, print your design onto the transfer paper, and cut it to size. Then, very carefully iron your design so that it transfers to the entire shoe canvas. So easy, and now you have a pair of shoes with your very own design on them! Get more details on the project here:

If you want to take customizing shoes just a step further- check out our Makers in the Genue apps and have them customize shoes just for you! Hope this helps brighten up your shoe collection! Happy designing!

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