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January 14, 2018

3 DIY Projects for a Sparkling Life

If you live on the East coast, you’ll know that January is a cold and dreary month involving many snowfalls and cloudy days. Some might find this oppressive and dream of warmer climates (I myself would love to visit someplace tropical!) but you can’t deny that there is a beauty in winter. When the sunlight hits the sparkling snow and ice just right, it’s so dazzling! Today, we’re celebrating this glittery winter Wonderland with all things shiny and sparkly!


Whether your style is sophisticated, fun, or glamorous, read on to discover how you can bring a little bling into your life with these easy DIY ideas!


Glitter Letters
Skill level: Easy
Cost: $30-$45, more or less depending on how many letters you’ll be making
Amount of time: 45-1 hour
How cute are these glittery letters by Modernly Morgan?! You could create an adorable statement piece in a nursery or bedroom with this tutorial! The idea is simple—purchase some paper-mache letters (Morgan recommends purchasing from ConsumerCrafts) for whatever you’d like to spell, be it a name or phrase. Then, pick out the color you’d like them to be, and buy matching metallic spray paint and glitter. Spray paint your letters in the metallic paint first, and then take them inside to begin the glitter process when they’re dry. Now comes the fun (and messy!) part! Put something down to catch any excess glitter, then paint each surface with Modge Podge glue, and then carefully coat each side with glitter. Finish it off by sealing it with Modge Podge high shine spray, and enjoy!


Rhinestone sunglasses
Skill level: Easy
Cost: $12-20
Amount of time: 10-20 minutes
Turn ordinary sunglasses into a super-glam statement piece with this clever tutorial by Trinkets in Bloom! Pick out some bejeweled costume jewelry pieces to dissect for this project—either from a retail store or maybe even vintage from a second-hand shop—and some extra small rhinestones. Use pliers to remove any chains or backings from the jewelry you’ve acquired. Then, sparingly drop some jewelry and metal glue on the sunglasses where you want to add some sparkle. Be sure to hold down on your rhinestones for a few minutes while the glue gets tacky! Give your glasses time to dry, and then wear your dazzling creation!


Glitter Dipped Mugs
Skill level: Easy
Cost: $20-30
Amount of time: 10-20 minutes + 28 days (because the sealant needs this much time to dry before they are dishwasher safe!)
Creative Green Living has created these perfect glitter-dipped mugs—that are actually dishwasher safe! The first step is to use easily-removable painters’ tape to mark where you want the glitter to go. Next, set aside a space to get messy, and paint your mug with a decoupage glue or Modge Podge. Thoroughly roll your mug around in the glitter of your choice, and then peel off the painters’ tape. Once the mugs are completely dry, seal them with 1-2 layers of decoupage glue. After 28 days, they will be completely dishwasher safe! How great would it be to start your day with a glittering cup of coffee?!


Did any of these projects inspire you to beat the winter blues? Let us know which one you’d like to try!

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