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October 26, 2015

3 Creative Ways to Make Patterned Picture Frames

One of our favorite things about pattern is how it can brighten up any room in your house! We love finding new ways to incorporate bright colors and beautiful motifs into our home décor. So, what is one item that is always used to spruce up a space?

Picture frames, of course!

But while we usually focus on the images inside, the frames can look just as pretty. Why have boring plain black or brown frames when you can deck them out?

Thanks to the awesome instructions of a few super creative ladies, we’re compiling some suggestions on how to do just that- DIY style!

Design Love Fest

This super easy tutorial by Design Love Fest is perfect for the minimalist who still loves a pop of pattern. Rather than altering the frames themselves, this project focuses on spiffing up the mat board inside.

All you need is some mat and pretty patterned paper. You can create your own perfect patterns using Genue Lite on your iPad.

Simply cut your mat and paper to fit inside your frame and around your photo, glue them together, and add it into your frame. The end result nicely offsets the simplicity of plain frames, while still adding some fun color and texture.

GenueDesignImage_2015_10_23 12_01_14.- blog picture frame image  1

Check out the full tutorial on the blog

Pretty Life Girls

Do you have a stash of patterned fabric or paper that you keep meaning to do something with but never get around to it? The time has come to get around to it!

This project from Pretty Life Girls is great for recycling any pattern “scraps” you have lying around or try designing your own patterns for the fabric or paper.

Here’s what to do: Cut the patterned material to fit the frame, carefully glue it on, and add a layer of Modge-Podge to protect it. If you want an extra pop of color (you do, we know) paint the edges of the frame in a bright, contrasting hue. Super easy, and looks great! Also, we LOVE the on-trend ikat patterns used in the tutorial photos.

GenueDesignImage_2015_10_23 12_05_46-  blog picture frame  image 2

Check it out here.

Home Made Ginger

If you’re like us, you probably want to create your patterned décor yourself, and would much prefer patterns that feature your own artwork.

This blogger transformed some inexpensive picture frames purchased from a craft store into beautiful works of art using watercolor painting. If you want to make it even easier: design some cool patterns using Genue on your iPad, print onto jet printer fabric paper, and cut the patterns to fit over your frames. Glue your paintings onto the frames, seal the whole thing with Modge-Podge and voila!

Beautifully patterned picture frames featuring original artwork that you’ve made yourself.

GenueDesignImage_2015_10_23 12_20_32- blog picture frame  image  3

Get the details on this project here.

What do you think? Do your picture frames need some sprucing up with pops of pattern? Do you have your own tips on how to incorporate prints into your décor?

Let us know! And if you give any of these projects a try, definitely send us a photo or two of the results.

You can download a list of some great custom printing options here.

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